Cotton Blossom Festival

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Twin City to host Cotton Blossom Festival

Twin City, Georgia – September 8, 2021 – As part of the ongoing Twin City Centennial festivites, the Twin City Centennial Committee announced a festival naming competition in early August to name the first City festival. After nearly 100 submissions entered, the Centennial Committee voted unanimously to select “Cotton Blossom Festival” as the name of Twin City’s new annual festival. The winning submission was made by Helen Logue of Twin City. She will receive the prize of $250.00, which was sponsored by Historic Twin City Georgia, Inc. 

The Cotton Blossom Festival will be held on the first Saturday in November, with the inaugural festival being held on November 6, 2021. The festival will be held at and around the Twin City Welcome Center from 9AM – 5PM. Please stay tuned for additional announcements on other Cotton Blossom Festival events. The Twin City Main Street Office will be releasing vendor forms and information in the upcoming weeks. Please contact the Main Street Office at 478-763-2696 for additional information.

On behalf of the Centennial Committee, Mayor Donaldson stated, “We have been working for over a year to plan our festival, but we have stuggled to find a name that fits. We wanted a name that is unique but defines our rural part of Georgia. From the beginning, we knew we wanted a festival in the fall of the year, so we hoped to tie-in a fall event. We feel the Cotton Blossom Festival is the perfect fit. If you drive to Twin City, you will see that fields of cotton surround Twin City. Agriculture is an economic driver in Emanuel County, with cotton being the primary crop. Without agriculture, Summit and Graymont and eventually Twin City would not exist. Our festival will be held annually on the first Saturday in November, which correlates to the harvesting time of cotton. We are extremely excited to host our first festival. We hope you will travel to Twin City on November 6th and enjoy a festival that will be twice as fun!”

The Twin City Centennial Committee is made up of citizens, a Twin City business owner, city staff, and an elected official – the committee members are: Joann Bell, Donna Scott, Janna Gay Tucker, City Clerk Genia Ducker, Police Chief Hank Whiters, Main Street Manager Huddie Culbreth, and Mayor Matt Donaldson.