Public Works

Water and Sewer Services

New utility customers apply for services at City Hall. To complete the application process and open an account, new customers must present current, valid identification and pay a $100 fee if service is in city limits; fee is $50.00 for customers living outside the city limits. The city accepts cash, checks (with ID), credit and debit card payment. Water is usually turned on within 24hrs.

Utility bills are mailed to customers the last day of the month and due the 15th of the month. Customers paying after the 15th will be assessed a $10.00 late fee. Cut off for non-payment takes place after the 15th.

If a customer is disconnected (cut-off) due to nonpayment or submitting a bad check, he/she will be responsible for paying the balance in full AND an additional $40.00 reconnection fee. For the customer submitting a bad check, there is an additional fee of $35.00 (as well as the reconnection fee of $40.00 and the amount of the original bill).

If a customer desires to have his/her services terminated (cut-off), he/she will need to complete a cut-off form at City Hall. Failure to fill out the form will result in the customer continuing to be billed until such time that the services are terminated with the proper documentation. The City will apply the deposit toward the final bill once the customer completes the cut-off form. The City will refund any remaining balance of the deposit when all utility charges have been paid in full.

Application for Water/Sewer Connection

Cut Off Request Form

Sanitation Services

The City of Twin City contracts with a private vendor to collect residential, commercial, and industrial sanitation. All residential customers living inside the city limits are required to pay a $13.00 a month sanitation fee; customers living outside the city limits are exempt. The City’s contracted vendor collects curbside sanitation from the poly-carts each Wednesday morning. Commercial accounts are charged $2.56 per cubic yard.

The City also provides a weekly curbside collection of leaves and limbs to residents within city limits; the assessment for this service is $2.00. Residential customers must place their leaves and limbs at a single, designated spot adjacent to the street.

Miscellaneous Charges on the Utility Bill

The utility customer living inside of the city limits will notice two additional fees in the amount of $1.00 each. The City assesses a Health Department Fee in the amount of $1.00, and an EMT fee in the amount of $1.00 each month.

Stray and Nuisance Dogs

Report stray and nuisance dogs to City Hall 763-2695 or the Swainsboro Animal Shelter 237-4040; a dog catcher will be dispatched if necessary.

Report animal abuse to the Police Department; for dangerous situations (animal attack), dial 911.

Automatic Drafting

For customers who prefer, automatic drafting is available. Please (download) and fill out the required form, or pick up a form at City Hall. Return the completed form and a voided check to City Hall IN PERSON.

Cease Bank Draft